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Aros tassel / tassel earrings

Aros tassel / tassel earrings


Aros tejidos en telar Mapuche, la pieza principal tejida da la textura suave que combinada con el acero produce un efecto unico.

Piezas hechos a mano , livianos que marcan la diferencia.

Beautiful tassels earrings woven in Mapuche loom, the stunning woven piece combined with the stailess steel gives an unique effect. Handmade ,lightweight it make an statement.


Material / materials

Acero e hilos / Stainless steel and threads


Medidas / Sizes:

Pieza tejida / Woven piece:3 x 2 cm

Tubos / Tassels :1.2 cm

Base de aro / Earring stud: 2 x 0.6 cm

Largo total / Drop length: 6.5 cm

Ancho / width: 2.2 cm

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